Cows lockup |

I get some strange requests for freelance work. Friends & even friends of friends contact me with projects all the time. I turn down a lot – cause most of the time people expect it to be, well, FREE. Fortunately for me, freelance isn’t free. I stick with graphic design work mostly, but every once and a while I branch out for a paying friend!

This project came to me from a distant friend in college. He found me through linkedin again and we reconnected. He asked if I could turn a quote one of his friends said into a piece of art. Originally, he requested screenprinting, but I showed him some of my letterpress broadsides and won him over. I printed the project last week and love the result! The quote is totally random, but the lock up and print came out great!

If you are interested in getting a quote printed, let me know via email! Hopefully, I will be able to turn even the most bizarre words into a nice graphic for you!