DIY Himmeli Geometric Wreath | offthebeatenpress.com

I have been wanting to make one of these for a while! I saw a blog post about it a few months back & pinned it, of course. The week before Christmas, I went out and bought some aluminum tubes from the model section in Hobby Lobby and started one. Unfortunately, I ran out of tubing and they haven’t restocked the same kind I purchased.

I figured I was going to have to wait to make these, but was gifted some amazing black & white paper straws by my friend Alyssa! Within an hour of receiving them, I was hacking them to pieces and putting the wire in. This project was so easy. I plan on making more wreaths and maybe some hemmeli ornaments, heart decorations and lights for fun.

Check out the links above to see the tutorial I uses, and the ones I plan on testing out in the next few days!

Process White Hemmeli wreath

After making the first one so quickly, I decided to jump in and make one more!

Process Black Hemmeli Wreath