I will probably post an entry with a bunch of house pics at some point but over the weekend I had a blast painting my kitchen red & some stripes in my entry way!
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The red in the Kitchen is called “classic red.” A lot of my appliances, like my Kitchen Aid or toaster are shiny red, so I picked the color to go along with them. Also – recognize this shelf? I built it myself and used it in my last house as a closet! In the new house, I have a huge closet space so I repurposed it to hold pots and pans and such! I get comments on it all the time.


Here is the entry way! I have seen a lot of stripes all over the internet and love how they make the room look longer. This wall was really awkward and the stripes make it a fun accent piece. This was a pain in the butt to paint as nothing seems level! Luckily, I had my friend Jordan give me a hand with these two walls and it went by really fast.

striped entryway

Now if only I could decide what color do do my living room….