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I have always doodled little sketches of buildings. Most of the time the end up being only around three inches in size. I even did a small series of “Places I Once Called Home” over the past few years. This year for the holidays (and beyond) I wanted to offer some more detailed illustrations of homes for other people.

Custom Home Sketch | offthebeatenpress.com

My coworker commission my first one and I posted a photo of it on Instagram and used other examples I had to make an Etsy listing and the orders started coming in quick! Homes are such intimate places and they can mean so much to so many people.

Custom Home Sketch | offthebeatenpress.com

Having a photograph of your home is nice, but a lot of care goes into the sketches I am doing. I try to keep them light and whimsical. It is never my intent to do them wholly realistic – I want to capture the essence of the home, without the details of the illustration being a distraction from the overall image.

Custom Home Sketch | offthebeatenpress.com
Drawing these is really enjoyable for me and I hope I can keep it up and that people continue to buy them.

Email me here to get the home of your choice illustrated, or purchase through Etsy!

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