This was the last house that I lived in before moving into my new home earlier this year. It was quaint. It had a sunroom off the porch that was nice for summer storms and storing odds & ends. The upstairs was brutally hot and my roomate endured it amazingly during the warm moments. Mowing the lawn took a lot of work – I had never done it before and was certainly not used to the chore.

Places I Once Called Home: Kensington | offthebeatenpress.com

I slept in the bedroom closest to the door and would hear anyone who entered or left, as well as the little birds the kept their home in the shelter there. I was thankful for this house because it held a lot of new moments for me in Richmond, like having roomates or company come stay. I am thankful for my time there – in many ways it helped prepare me for the Place I Now Call Home.

Places I Once Called Home: Kensington | offthebeatenpress.com

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