When I moved into my house, I was never a huge fan of the counters that were installed when it was flipped. Everything around my house was grey, black & white, but the counters were brown and horrible. On top of that, you couldn’t see when anything was dirty. You would think that you had cleaned the spill up, and then two days later, you’d find the drop of red wine left behind.

Kitchen Updates

So here is the kitchen counter before (with my lovely backsplash).

Kitchen Updates| offthebeatenpress.com

And finally the new beautiful quartz white counters! One’s that I can see need cleaning and ones that bounce the light around the kitchen.

Kitchen Updates| offthebeatenpress.com

I just love the way it looks. I also got a new sink that is a little deeper. Adulthood brings some quite exciting stuff. And here is the split view of before and after.

Kitchen Updates| offthebeatenpress.com

Now I will have to tackle the next house project: a half wall between the kitchen and living room.