Learn Letterpress & Calligraphy

Learn Letterpress | offthebeatenpress.com

Interested in learning how to letterpress or calligraphy for yourself? Natalie Kay teaches classes in the city of Richmond through the Visual Art Center. No experience is necessary – classes are open to anyone with an interest in printing or lettering.

Introduction to Letterpress
Explore the letterpress printing process, which dates back to the 15th century and the time of Gutenberg. We’ll cover typesetting, inking, printing and paper selection as you become familiar with the terminology and VisArts’ presses. You’ll have time to create multiple pieces and trade work with classmates, which will help you build a small collection of handmade letterpress art.

Introduction to Modern Calligraphy
Explore the art of calligraphy. We’ll start by discussing the differences between traditional calligraphy, lettering, brush lettering and dip pen techniques. You’ll learn about basic tools, from traditional ink–nib pens to modern brush pens. Then we will use brush pens to practices strokes and letters. Finally, we’ll cover difficult connections and unique flourishes that will help you develop your own style.