A few weeks ago was my friend jon’s birthday. His wife amanda is my close friend and surprised him every day of his birthday month with a present.  I was fortunate enough to help out with one of those gifts (and make a matching copy for myself in the process).
Jon saw this flask online which is made by jcrew… they sell it for 42.50…
Well seeing as I letterpress, amanda and i went in together to buy some flat leather from OneWay52 on etsy! I laid similar type – Condensed Bold – but chose to say “this end up” as you would see on boxes.  I found a arrow die and placed it with the type and did quite a few test runs in a variety of inks…clear, chocolate brown, and finally silver. I preferred the silver the best but apparently Jon opted for the brown, being more subtle. After it dried a little, I wrapped the flask and sewed tighter and tighter until it was snug. Then I got the whole piece of leather wet in water and used my very heavy press to concave the back of the curved flask below…Total cost…10 bucks for the leather and I have plenty left over for more projects! Very successful DIY.