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Letterpress Poetry: This Girl | offthebeatenpress.com

When I was in college a good friend of mine wrote me a beautiful poem when I was going through a challenging time. It was both moving and encouraging. Last summer, when I was equally going through a rough patch, I reread the poem. It built me up again, just as it did when I was 18.

Mistaken Letters

In my spare time, I set the poem in Caslon type – or so I thought. However, the type case I chose was filled with a mix of both Caslon and a Baskerville type. When I pulled the first print, I was horrified to see the mix of type. I set out to redo it by pulling out all the incorrect letters. It took FOREVER. Above is a photo of my hands holding only a fraction of the letters that are wrong.

Letterpress full poem

The poem is relatively long, but has some unique elements that really stick out, especially in the last stanza.

Set type detail

I used little brackets and had fun spacing the letters based on the original way the poem was written.

Letterpress Poetry This Girl | Off the Beaten Press

When I printed the poem for the first time, it didn’t come out as expected. But the second time was a whole different story.

The text is printed in a grey ink on 8×10 inch paper.

After I got home from printing, I immediately framed one for myself and have a small stack of extras. I sent a copy to my friend that wrote it earlier this year (when some of the type was still off) and plan on sending him a few more copies.

I don’t plan on selling these but if any of the words speak to you as they spoke to me, I would be happy to send you one.