Here are some pictures of my last letterpress class for the year! We got to really use all the machines in this class and everyone was amazing about sharing the equipment and their final work. This first one got printed on a bunch of colors as a little note card. My student says the phrase all the time and I love it!

Photo Nov 06, 19 50 47Photo Nov 06, 19 48 17

This student recently went on a girls trip and made this as a memory for everyone that attended.

Photo Nov 06, 20 06 53

We printed some silver candles for everyone for the holidays.

Photo Nov 06, 20 21 10

Photo Oct 16, 19 58 57

And lots of fall leaves for the seaason.

Teaching Fall 2018 | offthebeatenpress.com

And a few very custom greeting cards.

Teaching Fall 2018 | offthebeatenpress.com

I can’t wait for my class in January to begin!