Letterpress: Walk through fear | offthebeatenpress.com

Every once in awhile though when someone requests a letterpress print they really GET the process. When that happens, I know I am in for a good project. This client wanted to print “Walk through fear” for her boyfriend’s birthday.

Letterpress: Walk through fear | offthebeatenpress.com

She mentioned liking some of my other prints so I went with what I knew to create these for her.

I love the look of wood type and my client was incredibly trusting with suggestions to the way it should be laid out and styled.

One thing she was not sure about was color. If you’ve seen anything I’ve made before, you know I am in love with this particular grey.

She wanted to see what gold looked like however, so I did a print with a gold highlight and then one with full gold.

Gold is always a challenge because it never looks like what people expect. But in this we went for it anyway!

Overall, I am thrilled with how this print came out and the very trusting client who commissioned me to make it.