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Letterpress is a whole lotta love and a little bit of magic. Printing with moveable type changed the world and here at Off the Beaten Press, we know it will change yours. We can give your customers a real first impression with custom printed business cards or ink up that quote you’ve been dreaming up.

Each project is created by hand. First, we start by talking with you to ensure the final product is just what you were imagining. After a quick chat, we will send over a quote based on the conversation. Contact us today to get a project started and see your ideas impressed on paper.

Meet the antique presses

We have three different vintage presses. Each one has their own story and personality. Printing on 100 year old equipment brings a whole new meaning to hand made work.

Chandler & Price 7x11 | offthebeatenpress.com
Preston the Platen

Preston is a 7×11 Old Style Chandler & Price letterpress machine. He was built in 1905. This press style is popular among printers. Preston was purchased from lovely couple only after an interview process ensuring he was going to the right home. His top inking disc is rotational in both directions, which is something you don’t see as much these days.

Sigwalt #11 | offthebeatenpress.com
Siggi the Sigwalt

This little nugget was the last to join the family. His official name is a Sigwalt #11. Tiny, compact and easy for demos, this Chicago Printing press has two rollers to help distribute the ink over the tiny chase. His original price tag 100 years ago was $6.00! Before coming to OTBP, he was completely disassembled, stripped down to the metal and re-finished which is why he looks so fresh and new.⠀

Showcard Sign Press | offthebeatenpress.com
Sean the Showcard

This Showcard Sign Press came all the way from a F. W. Woolworth in Kansas. Showcard machines were originally used to print sale posters and advertisements in department stores. At one time they could be purchased with a full set of type that fit nicely into specially made bars that stretched across the machine bed and were stored in a cabinet underneath the press itself..

Let's print magic

Reach out today to get a project started and see your ideas impressed on paper.