Lupine Inspired Letterpress Wedding Invitations
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When my brother got engaged last December, I knew I was going to make his wedding invitations. I spent months thinking about the style and dreaming of options. I painted a portrait of the moment they got engaged as an engagement present. And then I secretly planned their invites in my head.

Watercolor Wedding Illustrations

Normally, I do a general consultation with a client, but since it was my brother, things went a little differently. I called him and his fiancé after sending them over some options from my portfolio to chat ideas.

One of the invitations of mine they liked the most had floral illustrations balancing the type. We replaced the flowers from that invitation with lupines. Lupine flowers hold a special place in my heart. Whenever we are up in Canada in July the hills near our home are covered with them.

Turns out, they grow all along my brother’s house in California. They sent me photo references from around their property and I used it to illustrate the flower details.

Families of quails live around my brother’s home, so I added them on the invite. There is a male quail at the top looking over the female at the bottom.

I originally only put one on the RSVP cards, but the little set snuck their way onto the main invitation as well.

Lupine Inspired Letterpress Wedding Invitations

The final piece of the invitation suite I made for them was the map. Their wedding is on a ranch in California so the map emphasizes all the special places around the property. I drew all the illustrations on my iPad which made edits easy as we worked.

Lupine Inspired Letterpress Wedding Invitations

We don’t have the envelopes together yet, but while in Canada, I had to take pictures next to fresh lupines! The whole suite speaks to couple and perfectly highlights their loves and personalities. I am so thankful to be a part of their wedding day in this way and hope to make other couples just as happy with their wedding stationery.