When I was little, my next door neighbor used to make this amazing desserts called Mookies. They are muffin cookies!  I loved them so much. I even dealt with the nuts that were in them as a kid. She wouldn’t ever give us the recipe. It was her specialty and she wanted to keep it! When she got ready to move from Virginia to Tennessee, she told a few of us neighbor girls that we would only get it on the day she received her invitation to our wedding in the mail. I quickly fashioned a fake one together with no avail.

Then I was sorting through another friend’s pile of recipes and she had scribbled the recipe down when she was visiting one day. I was ecstatic and took a photo! Little does she know I finally have it. Even though the recipe isn’t anything super secret, it invokes very special memories. Now, if I ever need some thoughts of home and the summer parties in our cul de sac, I make Mookies.

group of mookies | offthebeatenpress.com

This weekend, I mixed it up a little. I used some almonds I had instead of pecans, and some mini christmas m&ms instead of chocolate chips. It is easy to throw whatever you have on hand in the mix!

mookie | offthebeatenpress.com