Within the first year of me moving to Richmond, I got to sell my art work at the first street art festival. You can see pictures and read about it here! The second one took place over the weekend. It was beautiful weather- it had just started to feel like fall and I really couldn’t have asked for better selling days. I set up my booth around 9:30 am on both Saturday & Sunday and didn’t tear down till after 6! It made for very long days, but there was always a constant flow of people around which made the time pass quick!

One good thing about being there at 9 in the morning, was being able to get shots with nobody in them! I love this picture so much!

Steamroller printing maps of richmond!

How cool is that space? These buildings were part of the GRTC Bus Depot. It had crazy lighting and was such a neat spot to be inside.

All set up!