I got the amazing opportunity to sell my artwork at the 1st Ever Richmond Street Art Festival. It went incredibly well and I felt so blessed all day long! I had my friend Amanda come and help me move my press to my table from my car! You can see her dog Mac in the first picture hanging out int he shade under my table!  After five hours I had made some money, watched quite a few murals go up, and was so tired! Luckily I had friends from High School and College help me carry all my stuff back home!  I couldn’t have asked for a more glorious day! 

Me hanging at the booth…

View at the beginning of the day at both ends of the festival!

My artwork set up on shelfs made from recycled palats. 

My artwork ont he table! Used my old drawing board so the wind wouldn’t carry away my stuff!

I brought my press to print “Wish You Were Beer” postcards 

Some other vendors!

Panoramic shot from my booth! – Click to see the full effect!