We love words here at Off the Beaten Press. Whether they are hand written, elegantly designed, letterpressed into paper, or scrawled across artwork, we just can’t get enough. Everything we do centers around how we use words to relate with the world around us.

Off the Beaten Press offers a variety of services – all aiming to help you with that communication. Whether you want to let someone know you love them OR let a lot of people know you about your love, we can help. Find out more about what we offer from each page below.

Letterpress Poetry This Girl | Off the Beaten Press

Letterpress printing isn’t just for wedding invitations. If you have an idea you’re dreaming up, or are a fellow designer who needs something printed, we can help you out. And if you are looking for custom wedding invitations, we can find a style that fits in your budget to make hopes come true.

From dip pen envelopes to chalkboard event signs to illustrated cocktail recipes, we love taking on calligraphy projects to make your day magical. And if your day has already passed, we can commemorate it with wedding vows, song lyrics or poems.

If you want to highlight a special place that is close to your heart, we create home portraits and venue illustrations. Watercolor can be added to each to bring life into the image or left as simple ink drawings to match any wall in your home.