Lots of blogger’s and artists I have seen have set goals for themselves for the new year. I don’t want to put too much pressure on myself since running a small business on top of a full time job has clearly proven difficult as it is, but I would like to have some baby goals to keep myself on track.

    • Blog Once a Week – so at the end of the year I should have 52 NEW posts. I teach once a week so it shouldn’t be too hard to get some images of student work, or personal work to throw up. I just need to stay on top of this to make it happen.

    • Keep a more accurate inventory of work. I have a xcel file with all my pieces laid out, but as I sell things, I don’t update the number I have remaining. I would like to check my inventory once every two months to make sure all the numbers are adding up!

    • Expense vs Revenue Report – Last year I started to keep this report which was really smart, but I had to go back and work on it. This year, I want to start it DAY ONE so it is easier to maintain.

    • Practice some more calligraphy and hand lettering. While I find myself doodling lots of little word images, I don’t ever post about it anymore. It would be great to show off what I am doing which would hold me accountable for doing it in the first place!