This past Saturday I got the opportunity to sell my art on the street in Richmond. I learned lots from the last time I had done it and learned even more this time as I tried a different set up! Overall, it wasn’t as successful as the one earlier this year, but I blame the rain for lack of people.

Unlike the one in April, I opted not to bring my little press with me. No one seemed to notice it much the last time and since it is so heavy, it seemed the wisest decision.

The show was so close to my house one of my amazing co workers and friends, Brandon, let me borrow his wagon! I must have looked crazy walking through Jackson Ward balancing it all – especially in the rain on the way home.

I was so thankful I had brought ziplock bags that I could put my art in and keep it hanging for people to view! That’s defiantly going to happen again for the next show. I also rather liked my PVC pipe hanging system which brought more work to eye level.  I’m still brainstorming the best way to display things – as cheap and portable as possible – for any future events.