Student Work: Spring 2019

Instead of doing one long class in the Spring, I have two back to back four week sessions. The art center where I teach changed things up a bit so I am trying this out to fill my time. I also had a one day workshop where my students got my totally undivided attention.

First the workshop. Workshops are a great way to test the waters, but I find most people LOVE it immediately and are sad that they can’t KEEP going. This was 100% accurate with my student this time around. Here’s one of the postcards we made in class:

One of my other students returned to take the postcard class to get some more time. She made a set of thank you cards. She did some for her newborn grandchild, and some plain.

In my next session, I had a lot of amazing students. One of my favorite teaching moments that came out of the class was this “much obliged” set. She kept grabbing the wrong letter in place of the b. Just goes to show, you need to mind your ps & qs (and bs & ds)!

We also printed these gorgeous dogwoods as a split fountain. They turned out beautiful as ever. Hadn’t pulled them out in awhile.

I also did some cleaning and found this fun “2 for 5” cut. I can’t imagine finding anything today being only 5 Cents!

This gorgeous print was made my a student who owns her own small business called Thicket Design. We set some wood type and then printed it on some of her botanical illustrations. You can find a copy of the piece in her shop here!

One of my students made this lovely gift for his wife for Mother’s Day! So thoughtful.