The biggest thing to remember is that you don’t have to be fancy when first starting out with a new medium. Here is a list of our favorite calligraphy, stationery and journaling supplies for beginners. It’s easy to buy a lot when first starting out, but take it slow and build up your supply stock over time. I try to only purchase a supply when a project calls for it.

Journaling Basics

Moleskin Sketchbook

The small size is great for travel. This journal holds pigment well and doesn’t bleed a lot. 

Micron PensMicon Pens

Waterproof with a variety of tip sizes so you can get different strokes while you draw.

UniBall Vision Pro

Another option for black pens with more fluid ink.

Zig Millennium

An alternative to Micron in different weights

Watercolor brushesWater Brush

Fill the body of the pen with water or ink. Ideal for traveling with watercolors, or creating brush calligraphy.

exacto knifeExacto Knife

Classic sharp blade for cutting out little details.. 

Travel scissorsTravel Scissors

Fold up in your to-go bag. Blades covered safely during travel.

Yes Glue

Acid free and perfect for mixed media work. Use a brush to spread. 

glue stick
UHU Glue Stick: Super sticky.

Small ruler: Great for travel

blackwing pencilsBlackwing Pencils

My favorite pencils! Soft lead with a replaceable eraser.

white eraserWhite Rubber Eraser

Cleanly erases pencil marks.

black eraserBlack rubber eraser

For dark papers or alternative surfaces.

mono zero erasersMono Zero eraser

Tiny eraser that works like a mechanical pencil to remove thin lines.
Calligraphy Basics

tombow brush pensTombow Brush Pens

Perfect for beginners. The two pack has a hard and soft tip pen so your can try both.

tombow dual brush pensTombow Dual Brush Pens

The flexible tip is great once you’ve started doing more calligraphy. Come in hundreds of colors.

Pentel Sign Pens

Small brush pens in a variety of colors.

Cork Straight Holder

Use this to try out different nibs.

Moblique Pen Holders
Moblique Pen Holders: Oblique + Straight holder in one pen! Comes in a variety of fun colors to mix & match.

tracing paperTracing Paper

Great for practice and going over drills.

bristol boardBristol Board Paper

Still paper for final pieces.

rhodia dot padRhodia Dot Grid Pad

Dot or gridded practice paper.

Zebra G

Stiff beginner nib.

Turned Wood Oblique Holder
Wood Oblique Holders: Different styles all from Paper & Ink Arts.

Brause Steno Pen Nib

Pointed Pen Nibs: from Paper & Ink Arts. Check out their sampler packs.

MOLOTOW One4All Acrylic Paint Marker

Comes in different weights but perfect for alternative surfaces like chalkboards or acrylic

InkSumi Ink

Classic black ink for practice and beyond

Wrist Brace Brush

Provides support when you have a lot of practice or envelopes to do!

envelope stencil
Envelope Stencil

Helps set up lines for addresses.

Dinky Dip Cups
Dinky Dip Cups: Come in a few different styles and sizes.

Dr. Ph. Martin’s Bleed Proof White: Great white ink.

Watercolors and More

watercolor pencil
Watercolor pencils: Ideal for adding color on-the-go

travel watercolors
Travel Classic Colors: These are basic colors, but they have lots of other color packs available.

Skin Tone Watercolors: Travel pans of neutral colors.

water soluable pastels

Water Soluable Pastels: Work a lot like watercolor pencils

watercolor tinEmpty Watercolor Tin: Use colors you already have at home to fill this tin. Different style covers are in the link!

travel watercolor brushes
Travel Brushes: Fold nicely to protect the bristles

Mini Detail Brush: For tiny details, a tiny brush!

Gold Metallic Watercolors: I use these in both calligraphy and my journal work to add shine.

Brass sharpener: Small and holds up well

Prisma Colored Pencils: A familiar tool, upgraded.

Wax Sealing Supplies

wax glue sticks
Glue gun sealing wax: Works in a standard glue gun

wax melter
Wax Melter: Use with wax pieces.

wax pieces
Wax Pieces: To use with a melter or in a spoon.

custom wax seal
Custom Wax Seals From Stampitude: Get your image, logo or text created as a wax seal or contact me to get one designed!

glue gun
Glue Gun: A modern alternative for wax seals


Journal Fodder Junkies: Great book on techniques used in visual journaling from my old art teacher.

Draw Your Day: Inspiring work from Samantha Dion Baker

How to Draw Modern Florals by Alli Koch

Extraordinary hand lettering: Writing on various surfaces