Me and You |

Every year I make a new set of Valentine’s day cards. I tend to lead a First Friday workshop at the art center where I teach and it’s always a perfect project to do with a new group of students. This year, I tried a few different things before…

You make me happy when skies are grey |

I come back to this song again and again. I suppose anyone who heard it as a kid has some kind of nostalgia about it. It was first Friday a few weeks ago, so I set this to print at the art center and then brought it home and…

Be Mine |

For first friday this month we made valentines day cards. They were very simple and I had a solid group of people join me. I even had some little kids. I have the lock up left on my galley for some more future printing. We printed some on pastels…

letterpress: happy mother's & father's day cards |

I had neglected making both Mother’s & Father’s day cards for a while. Two months ago I found some grey paper on sale and was saving it for a project. When some square envelopes also went on sale, I figured it was a perfect time to get around to…

xoxo lockup |

Last night was First Friday and I got to teach a Letterpress Sampler Class at the Visual Art Center. Since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, we made some small 4-Bar “xoxo” cards. I also got to show them the exquisite corpse game, so they got to take…

letterpress: oh hello cards |

I had a bunch of blank notecards that I needed to print so I decided to lock up a form and get to work. I didn’t have any generic cards I could use to send with gifts or some generic freebies so I thought I would try something like…

imnotirish |

In honor of St.Patrick’s Day, I made these little cards…They are simple, small and fun. They are for sale on Etsy now!

christmas_handlettering_lockup |

Christmas Cards were mailed this week! And I made some you can buy too!  Here is the process & the product! Also, these were my own handwriting which I scanned in and got printed.  first test with the polymer plate:  it works! & Red Envelopes! I Made some more…


I printed a lot of Dogwood Flower Letterpress Blank Cards the other evening. I used lavender paper and metalic ink. It ended up looking beautiful and I am happy with the results! You can buy a single card or a set of five cards on etsy!

Aloha Card Final |

After my trip to Hawaii. I knew I needed to send thank you cards to those who had been so wonderful. Also, I was very inspired when I returned by the gorgeous scenery all around! I made these split fountain cards about a week after I got back! Here…