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I had neglected making both Mother’s & Father’s day cards for a while. Two months ago I found some grey paper on sale and was saving it for a project. When some square envelopes also went on sale, I figured it was a perfect time to get around to making cards for Moms & Dads.

Letterpress student First Friday: xoxo | offthebeatenpress.com

Last night was First Friday and I got to teach a Letterpress Sampler Class at the Visual Art Center. Since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, we made some small 4-Bar “xoxo” cards. I also got to show them the exquisite corpse game, so they got to take home two projects in the short

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I had a bunch of blank notecards that I needed to print so I decided to lock up a form and get to work. I didn’t have any generic cards I could use to send with gifts or some generic freebies so I thought I would try something like this: I used the Platen press


In honor of St.Patrick’s Day, I made these little cards. We had this tiny little wooden vintage clover leaves that were just ideal for the holiday. The cards are simple, small and fun. The green ink took nicely to the paper. I made a few on stickers last week for first Friday at the Visual


Christmas Cards were mailed this week! And I made some you can buy too!  Here is the process & the product! Also, these were my own handwriting which I scanned in and got printed.  first test with the polymer plate:  it works! & Red Envelopes! I Made some more inspired by my friend Emily. I

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I printed a lot of Dogwood Flower Letterpress Blank Cards the other evening. The cut is vintage and for anyone who comes into the studio when I teach. Dogwoods are tattood on my arm and are one of my favorite flowers. I used lavender paper and metallic ink. It ended up looking beautiful and I

Aloha Card Final | offthebeatenpress.com

After my trip to Hawaii. I knew I needed to send thank you cards to those who had been so wonderful. Also, I was very inspired when I returned by the gorgeous scenery all around! I made these split fountain cards about a week after I got back! Here is the final card!  Here is


I started these a long time ago…The most challenging thing I have down so far. You can just look at how its all locked up in the galley and know it was hard to do! Printing went quickly but then I had to score and cut 50 booklets…Finally I hand painted them all and drew


Letter Press Thank You Cards – You fill in the blank with the reason you are sending it!


It is quite strange when you can walk around in a skirt & tshirt in january. Last week we went for a walk along the pipe line. The water was so high that I couldn’t see the beaches that I tend to tan on in the summer. Still, it was a glorious day. After the