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Christmas Cards were mailed this week! And I made some you can buy too!  Here is the process & the product! Also, these were my own handwriting which I scanned in and got printed.  first test with the polymer plate:  it works! & Red Envelopes! I Made some more inspired by my friend Emily. I

Dogwood Letterpress Cards |

I printed a lot of Dogwood Flower Letterpress Blank Cards the other evening. The cut is vintage and for anyone who comes into the studio when I teach. Dogwoods are tattood on my arm and are one of my favorite flowers. I used lavender paper and metallic ink. It ended up looking beautiful and I

Aloha Card Final |

After my trip to Hawaii. I knew I needed to send thank you cards to those who had been so wonderful. Also, I was very inspired when I returned by the gorgeous scenery all around! I made these split fountain cards about a week after I got back! Here is the final card!  Here is

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I started these a long time ago…The most challenging thing I have down so far. You can just look at how its all locked up in the galley and know it was hard to do! Printing went quickly but then I had to score and cut 50 booklets…Finally I hand painted them all and drew


Letter Press Thank You Cards – You fill in the blank with the reason you are sending it!


It is quite strange when you can walk around in a skirt & tshirt in january. Last week we went for a walk along the pipe line. The water was so high that I couldn’t see the beaches that I tend to tan on in the summer. Still, it was a glorious day. After the


Valentine’s Day Fill In the Blank Letterpress 5 Card Set   Includes Size 10 Standard Red Envelopes Two choices of paper – white or cream – specify when you purchase or i will send a random one! This Valentine’s Day Use the Same Card to tell different people how much you love them.  Fill in

Catching Up |

Im trying to photograph more of the process of my work. Most of the reason I enjoy printmaking is that it takes a lot of behind the scenes work to get to the final finished product.  Thoughts on how I will force myself to start blogging more. Write once a week. Sunday nights seems to

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I returned on sunday night from a trip to san francisco with my little brother…It is getting close to the holidays so I made my yearly christmas card to send out to people in my letterpress class. I used a cut I found in the studio of a holly branch. I pressed it with clear ink in green