One of my coworkers at my full time gig came to me with this logo design project. I love branding design because it is always incredibly challenging. When working with this church, I had to have him be the sole communicator with me for a large committee that was making the ultimate calls on things.

Whistling & Co. | offthebeatenpress.com

I got the opportunity to work on a logo design for Whistling & Co. Emily has been doing some amazing work and you can go read more about what she is doing at her blog. A huge part of her business are the necklaces she makes and sells. They are beautiful and can be found

logo: blackbeard kombucha

A friend of mine in Richmond has started brewing his own Kombucha. I am not a huge fan of it myself, but it is certainly trending now. It’s really easy to make and he has started exploring lots of flavors using local ingredients like Strawberry Basil & Ginger. When he started looking to sell his

Ampersand Prints | offthebeatenpress.com

In the summer of 2013, I read the book Just My Type, and it was filled with these amazing quotes about the ampersand.  One of my favorites reads, “Done well, an

Jay & Jerusha Wedding Invitations | offthebeatenpress.com

I was so excited when Jay proposed to Jerusha, and even more excited when they came to me wanting me to letterpress their wedding invitations. We started with a simple brainstorming call and Jerusha sent me some samples of one’s she liked and some of her color choices. They are getting married in Florida under

Infographic Lettering | offthebeatenpress.com

This past week at work we needed to create a fun infographic and video for a campaign about what restaurant workers are looking for in a job. My coworker Brandon and I worked together to get the photography just right, and then I lettered around the images he took. I built the final infographic in

Off the Beaten Press Business Cards | offthebeatenpress.com

So I have mentioned some of this before but I think it is time for a recap. When I first started in the whole small business world, I was operating under my design website and name: ilovenataliekay. As my letterpress and printing world expanded, I knew there would be a need for a change. Since

logo: off the beaten press | offthebeatenpress.com

Last year, my friend Allison and I were talking about what to name my letterpress machine. I wanted to try to have some separation between the rest of the artwork I was creating and the specific letterpress prints. She came up with the name “Off the Beaten Press.”  It was perfect. I loved the impression

One Source Electric Logo | offthebeatenpress.com

A coworker at my full time job recommended me to his friend who is working on staring his own electric company. This was a project I was excited about because the owner, Jason, really wanted a retro feeling logo design. I did a BUNCH of classic retro logos for him before we resolved to the

Rocktown Slops | Off the Beaten Press

I am always so flattered when friends turn to me to help them with the next big step in their lives. Logan, a wonderful gentleman, excellent musician and chef, approached me with a logo design request. He is starting a sloppy joe food truck in Harrisonburg called Rocktown Slops. I’m lucky enough to have previewed