I recently joined a soccer team in Richmond. I am super thankful because I had been looking for a group of people to play with for a while now. We are called “The Wild Yaks.” Our captain approached me to do a logo for our t-shirts and I couldn’t be happier with the result. It

logo: Videos for Youth | offthebeatenpress.com

At Salem, we often find new markets to reach out to. Using the backing of WorshipHouse Media,we decided to try and expand into the Youth Group arena. The new site is called VideosForYouth. I got to do the logo for us. I wanted it to be fun and bright. Trendy was certainly okay since it


When I was in Hawaii last May, I got the wonderful opportunity to hang with some friends from the US Navy. A few approached me last week asking if I could help them with a project. Since they were so hospitable & made my birthday so memorable, of course I would do it.  They needed