Styled Shoot: Historic Pole Green Church |

I was really excited to work with some other local vendors for this styled shoot. It took place in August at Historic Pole Green Church in Mechanicsville. Ruie + Grace coordinated the whole thing and did a truly incredible job. When they first emailed me about the styled shoot, I knew I had to do

monday motivation: hustle |

Monday’s have been crazy challenging for me recently. I have a long to-do list for my small business and going in to my full time job just takes away all my energy. This morning though, my coworker asked me to letter some Monday Motivation for their instagram feed. It was nice to walk in and

be ABCs |

I see these kind of quotes all the time, “Be Bold,” “Be Honest,” etc. I like them a lot, but wanted to write out a list of the ones that I know I need to listen to for myself. This was a really rough sketch, kinda in a more childish lettering style, that I did.

We won't know until we get there |

Ever get a song stuck in you head? Always. Now, whenever I do, I practice lettering it, first on paper and then as a vector. I really like what this one says. I’m realizing I don’t know what to do about life a lot of the time, and that its okay because we’ll never know.

National Donut Day |

Today is national donut day! I have been working on a series of “dessert cards” which I hope to get out later this year, but as a little preview, I finished up. Here was the sketch I used to create the vector. And then the final vector on top of an image. I can’t wait

Champagne is always the answer |

I’ve been doing lots of little doodles and things recently to practice and figure out new styles and techniques of lettering. This week I did a little champagne quote. It started simply with a soft tip brush pen and my handwriting. Then I pulled it on the computer and vectored it. I placed it on

Lettering - His mercies are new every morning |

From sketch to vector. It helps to meditate on words and take time detailing each letter to drive the message home. I needed this one this morning.

Infographic Lettering |

This past week at work we needed to create a fun infographic and video for a campaign about what restaurant workers are looking for in a job. My coworker Brandon and I worked together to get the photography just right, and then I lettered around the images he took. I built the final infographic in

Stars can't shine without darkness |

I was working the other night on a commissioned project for a coworker. She wanted me to draw her wedding dress. This took me by aback a bit first, because I have never done anything like that, and second, because I was worried about getting it right! Turns out though that she just wanted a

New Year 2016 |

Last year was pretty incredible. My little printmaking business branched out a bit from my corporate graphic design. I used my trailer completion at a jumping point to title it Off the Beaten Press and didn’t look back. I also gained a new press and taught classes every month of the year at the Visual Art