Interior Illustration |

My friend asked me to make a variation of my house illustrations and I couldn’t turn her down. She sent me a few pictures of the inside of a VERY large house and I got to pick one to draw. I chose the dining room because I love the idea of families gathering together for

You belong somewhere you feel free |

I’ve done a few pieces for this client before, like a journal for her wedding and some house illustrations. This one might just be my favorite! She had a baby in January and wanted to hang a Tom Petty quote above the baby’s crib. I also added some whimsical florals along the bottom. Here was

Calligraphy & Cocktails|

Over the past year, I illustrated one cocktail recipe a week! I started with the classics but then had some fun with personal favorites and spins on originals. I currently and working through them again on my iPad to put out some prints or a book of the collection. I am also working on adding

Sticker Sheet |

Sticker mule had sticker sheets on sale the other day, so I took some illustrations that I have been making on my iPad and ordered a set! I’ve been drawing the flowers themselves over the past few weeks. Here are all the layers of one of the individual flowers. Scroll through to see them. A

House Sketches |

I have always doodled little sketches of buildings. Most of the time the end up being only around three inches in size. I even did a small series of “Places I Once Called Home” over the past few years. This year for the holidays (and beyond) I wanted to offer some more detailed illustrations of

Watercolor Watermelons |

August is always so hot in Virginia. It makes me miss visiting Canada earlier this summer. Luckily, Richmond has the Watermelon festival. Yesterday morning, to avoid the heat, I spent time painting some little watermelons. I thought they were pretty cute.   Here is the final little painting. I don’t know what I am going

Hell's Kitchen: Places I Once Called Home |

I have always loved visiting New York City. I have often dreamed of living there, but so far, my life has not brought me to that place. I enjoy the life that pulses at all hours of the night and thrive off the creativity that pops up in unusual locations. It has always been a

South Orme: Places I Once Called Home |

Over the past year, I have spent more weekend nights in this little town house than in the home I own! I am thankful that my boyfriend’s roomates have opened up their doors to me. I have has a few roomates move into their own homes recently, so it has been nice having a loving

The 23 Layer Cake |

This one was a really fun project to work on! A client came to me with an idea for a friend. When the friend was younger, she had heart surgery to save her life. Every year now, along with celebrating her birthday, they celebrate her heat surgery! This year was 23. To commemorate, my client

letterpress: vintage camper trailer print |

I am still working on thinking of a name for my little trailer. I keep coming up short. Anything I think of doesn’t seem to fit just right. Even without a name though, I did make a print of it for the Visual Art Calendar I participate in every year. All the money from the