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Last year, my friend Allison and I were talking about what to name my letterpress machine. I wanted to try to have some separation between the rest of the artwork I was creating and the specific letterpress prints. She came up with the name “Off the Beaten Press.”  It was perfect. I loved the impression

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I am going to try something new this March. There is this awesome site called Society6 which takes your artwork & allows customers to choose what product they want to see it on! I chose “The Grass is Always Greener” to be my first product on the website. This print has nearly sold out, is

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Back in December, I got a message online about contributing some marketing materials to Celebrate American Made. I researched them quickly first only to discover that I love what they are doing! This company starts by finding local and handcrafted small businesses one state at a time. They then compile a box of goodies from


In the process of trying to stay on top of my personal design work, I updated my Sample Body of Work! I chose a variety of logos, work from college, previous jobs and my current job! It’s a little long, and I want to condense it, but I am happy that it is fresh for


One of the very first things I letterpressed was a coster that said “DRINK ME.” I sold out of them very quickly and decided I needed to make more. This time around, I made circle coasters and put my signature and website on the back. I plan on leaving them around town at different bars


I’ve decided to keep track of locations in the world where people buy my artwork! Obviously I know the majority will be here in the USA, but its still fun and easy to do!  Here are my first sales mapped out. Click on the map to increase the size.


Last night I ran a short run of business cards on the Platen Press. They are printed on Mohawk Black Cards with Silver Ink. As my website is done in helvetica, so is this… I am pretty happy with how they turned out and it was nice doing small little cards on the big machine! Above is