Quote Round Up: April 2019 | offthebeatenpress.com

April is nice and B R I G H T ! I work on these in advanced so its fun when the month comes around and I get to post them and see them as a set. I started these to bring myself some encouragement and they really do that every month over. Follow along

30 Days of Bible Lettering: Round 7

This is round seven of 30 Days of Bible Lettering! For me though, it’s only round three. It’s hard to keep up with completing one verse a day for sure but I kinda found my groove on this last one. You can find round 3 here which was the first time I completed the challenge.

Quote Round Up: March 2019 | offthebeatenpress.com

March might be my favorite so far, since I got to use greenery. Last month, I opted for pinks and I was surprised by how much I liked it, but green is where my heart is. Follow along with hashtag #otbp19 on Instagram to see them all.

Quote Round Up: February 2019 | offthebeatenpress.com

Here is this month’s round up of quotes. Last year, I stuck with one color all year. This year, I am trying to batch each month into a set. I kinda like the vibe so far. Maybe I can find enough solid pictures to do a different style in 2019. Follow along with hashtag #otbp19

Quote Round Up: January 2019 | offthebeatenpress.com

Last year I did a bunch of quotes for weekly encouragement. I liked it so much, I decided to keep up with the tradition. This year, you can follow along with hashtag #otbp19 on Instagram. If you want to see last years, just look for #otbp18!

2018 Encouragement: End of the Year | offthebeatenpress.com

Alright here is a round up of the rest of 2108! If you want to see all the words of encouragements from this year, check them out on Instagram using the #otbp18 hashtag.  

2018 Encouragement: September | offthebeatenpress.com

A little more normal this month with posting regularity. If you want to see all the words of encouragements from this year, check them out on Instagram using the #otbp18 hashtag.

2018 Encouragement: July & August | offthebeatenpress.com

July was a particularly hard month for me so I lightened my load a little with how many quotes I was doing, so this time I am combining words from the last two months into one post. I am still happy I stuck with this but glad I took a little break. Here are the

2018 Encouragement: June | offthebeatenpress.com

Here is this past month’s quotes of encouragement that I posted on Instagram.I am pretty sure my favorite from this past month is “I can’t adult today.” I feel like this one holds true for me on most days recently. I am already trying to think about what kind of format I want to do

2018 Encouragement: May | offthebeatenpress.com

May is my birthday month so this one is extra special. Okay – its pretty much the same as January through April but I am still proud that I am going strong.