Autumn is a second spring |

Last friday was another letterpress sampler at the Visual Art Center. It might still be warm outside, but I thought this quote would be great for the season. I am getting better at locking things up so this one when really quick. I have some printed on thick stock paper and a few on thinner

Jay & Jerusha Wedding Invitations |

I was so excited when Jay proposed to Jerusha, and even more excited when they came to me wanting me to letterpress their wedding invitations. We started with a simple brainstorming call and Jerusha sent me some samples of one’s she liked and some of her color choices. They are getting married in Florida under

You make me happy when skies are grey |

I come back to this song again and again. I suppose anyone who heard it as a kid has some kind of nostalgia about it. It was first Friday a few weeks ago, so I set this to print at the art center and then brought it home and printed the lock up on the

Student Work 2015 |

I just wrapped up my last class for the year yesterday. A lot of the classes that I wanted to teach this fall didn’t get enough enrollment, but the ones I had in the summer and winter went very well. I had repeats and newbies and plenty of interesting projects. The end of this year brought

letterpress: as you wish print |

“That day, she was amazed to discover that when he was saying ‘As you wish’, what he meant was, ‘I love you.’ And even more amazing was the day she realized she truly loved him back…” Do I ever love The Princess Bride! I grew up watching this movie with my Dad all the time.

"Love the Wine You're With" Gift Tag |

Some nights when I am teaching class, my students simply don’t need me. In those moments, I let myself lay out some type or use what I am doing to show them little tricks. In this instance, I got to pull out a drawer of Drop Caps and show them how to lock them up.

Off the Beaten Press Business Cards |

So I have mentioned some of this before but I think it is time for a recap. When I first started in the whole small business world, I was operating under my design website and name: ilovenataliekay. As my letterpress and printing world expanded, I knew there would be a need for a change. Since

Love Notecards |

Next weekend I am attending an event at Hope Church. It is a curated Art Show where I will get to show off my stuff and hopefully sell a little of it. The theme is Love so I printed some little giveaway notecards to entice people to talk to me. Here is the lock up

exquisite corpse |

Whenever I start a new class, I do an activity with the students called Exquisite Corpse. I have talked about it on the blog before. Instead of hand writing out the different parts of the sentence week to week, I finally set some type and printed it up. I knew I wanted it to be

Student Work 2015 |

This spring I taught a few classes. My first six weeks went really well. I even had a few repeat students this time around. I don’t know if most of you can tell, but there are a few mistakes in this lock up on the right.It was the first exquisite corpse of the year that we