deck stain |

Updates on the house have been slow. But over the past few weeks, I have done a lot! This past weekend, I tackled staining my deck. I bought the stain last year. The color is Cedar Naturaltone. My deck was so washed out without anything on it and I tend to lean more to darker

real snow |

Got my first REAL snow in the new house! It was nice and cozy curling up and working from home today with a glass of coco. I could certainly get used to that.

house painting |

I don’t like having a long to-do list, and this house has kept my list incredibly long since day one! Someone did tell me that if you suffered from boredom, buy a house, and I couldn’t agree more. I already painted two walls in the house, but decided this weekend to tackle another two. I am

House Painting |

I will probably post an entry with a bunch of house pics at some point but over the weekend I had a blast painting my kitchen red & some stripes in my entry way! The red in the Kitchen is called “classic red.” A lot of my appliances, like my Kitchen Aid or toaster are

purchased: my house |

So it is official! I am buying a house. The first reaction people have when they see a picture is that it is adorable. I have to agree – it truly is! I couldn’t be more excited to move in. Closing day is fast approaching and I just want to get it done with.