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I have always loved visiting New York City. I have often dreamed of living there, but so far, my life has not brought me to that place. I enjoy the life that pulses at all hours of the night and thrive off the creativity that pops up in unusual locations. It has always been a

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Over the past year, I have spent more weekend nights in this little town house than in the home I own! I am thankful that my boyfriend’s roomates have opened up their doors to me. I have has a few roomates move into their own homes recently, so it has been nice having a loving

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This was the last house that I lived in before moving into my new home earlier this year. It was quaint. It had a sunroom off the porch that was nice for summer storms and storing odds & ends. The upstairs was brutally hot and my roomate endured it amazingly during the warm moments. Mowing

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I only have a few memories of this tiny townhouse. It was the house that my parents brought me home to as a newborn. I recall my Peter Rabbit bedroom easily with this fabric hot air balloon that hung from the ceiling. I also think about all the tiny pieces of candy that littered the

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My family has a seaside cabin in the tiny town of Alma, New Brunswick in Canada. It is right next to Fundy National Park and is home of the highest tides in the world! From the balcony of the house you can see the water rise and fall every six hours over 45 feet a day.

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I first moved to Richmond around three years ago. When I found out I got a job down here, a good friend of mine when on an apartment hunt for me. She researched and went visiting and filmed some places for me (so generous). So even though I hadn’t seen my apartment until I got

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When I went to James Madison University (GO DUKES!), I was incredibly lucky to live on campus for two years. Not only that, but I had two prime dorms right on the Quad. My freshman year was spend in Gifford Hall and when sophomore year rolled around, I moved right next door to Logan. The

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This is probably the house I relate most to home, which is why I chose it to be my first illustration. My family moved into this house on my sixth birthday. While I didn’t help in the moving process at all (I think I was playing on a nearby playground while a bunch of my

Places I Once Called Home | offthebeatenpress.com

Buying my first house got me thinking a lot about the idea of home. I have lived so many places in such a short time. But the places that were more permanent for me were not the only places that I have called home through the years. I started this series of little illustrations to