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A good friend I met through letterpress here in Richmond bought me tickets to see The Head and the Heart for my birthday. The show was amazing. It was outdoors on a beautiful Friday night, in the middle of the city. A train passed by towards the end of the show on nearby tracks blaring

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“& taking the hand of the child, he said to her, ‘Talitha koum’, which translates as, ‘Little girl, I say to you, get up.’” Mark 5:41 My good friend, Laura Morgan, and her family, were in a car accident in December of 2012. Though they have insurance, there were many extraneous expenses that still have

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Some super simple prints I made last week…Grey Ink on Butter Yellow Linen Paper…Wood Type. I am selling these together on Etsy.  Not 100% Satisfied with them so I am working on another “It Is Well With My Soul” print…Will be mailing out to get a plate made of the image below & hopefully will

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Color type two, finally!  Mixing red and silver ink together, I have this metallic purple ink on cream paper Wine Type Letterpress Print to offer! Check it out on etsy!


Well, it is finally done! After some misspelling troubles & loss of paper, I finished this print! Also I am crazy sore because of it! I did over 300 different pieces on the Platen Press last night and it is all manual so I have to pump my leg up and down to use it!