Autumn is a second spring |

Last friday was another letterpress sampler at the Visual Art Center. It might still be warm outside, but I thought this quote would be great for the season. I am getting better at locking things up so this one when really quick. I have some printed on thick stock paper and a few on thinner

Where there are Octobers |

I was so happy that when we visited Canada this summer, I got to see Green Gables! I hadn’t visited since I was a little kid and it was just a blessing to have a gorgeous afternoon to explore the spot of the island that inspired such a beautiful book. In that book L. M.

You make me happy when skies are grey |

I come back to this song again and again. I suppose anyone who heard it as a kid has some kind of nostalgia about it. It was first Friday a few weeks ago, so I set this to print at the art center and then brought it home and printed the lock up on the

Lettering - His mercies are new every morning |

From sketch to vector. It helps to meditate on words and take time detailing each letter to drive the message home. I needed this one this morning.

Stars can't shine without darkness |

I was working the other night on a commissioned project for a coworker. She wanted me to draw her wedding dress. This took me by aback a bit first, because I have never done anything like that, and second, because I was worried about getting it right! Turns out though that she just wanted a

letterpress: the little prince quote poster |

In October, my friend’s new husband sent me an email requesting a special Christmas present for their first holiday together. When they were dating, she mentioned how this passage from “The Little Prince” reminded her of their relationship. The quote reads, “But if you tame me, then we shall need each other. To me, you

letterpress: "be all there" print |

“Wherever you are, be all there” -Jim Elliot This quote has always spoke volumes to me. I first heard it in college &¬†find myself constantly needing to be reminded of it. My roomate one year even painted it on the wall in the common room of our dorm. I find often that I am not

Cows lockup |

I get some strange requests for freelance work. Friends & even friends of friends contact me with projects all the time. I turn down a lot – cause most of the time people expect it to be, well, FREE. Fortunately for me, freelance isn’t free. I stick with graphic design work mostly, but every once

cutandfinal |

I made some prints with these classic hymn lyrics a while ago. And then I got to use them for a wallpaper on with my company! I got a magnesium cut made finally and stumbled upon some magnet paper and decided to spend a long night printing at home on my little press.  I think

Photo-Jul-29-7-04-47-PMblog |

A famous graphic designer, Saul Bass, once said, “I want to make beautiful things even if nobody cares.” Bass has created some amazing work in his time, from movie posters to logos. Even if you know nothing of design, I guarantee you have seen something, probably in the past twenty four hours, that was created