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“Wherever you are, be all there” -Jim Elliot This quote has always spoke volumes to me. I first heard it in college & find myself constantly needing to be reminded of it. My roomate one year even painted it on the wall in the common room of our dorm. I find often that I am not

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I get some strange requests for freelance work. Friends & even friends of friends contact me with projects all the time. I turn down a lot – cause most of the time people expect it to be, well, FREE. Fortunately for me, freelance isn’t free. I stick with graphic design work mostly, but every once


I made some prints with these classic hymn lyrics a while ago. And then I got to use them for a wallpaper on with my company! I got a magnesium cut made finally and stumbled upon some magnet paper and decided to spend a long night printing at home on my little press.  I think


A famous graphic designer, Saul Bass, once said, “I want to make beautiful things even if nobody cares.” Bass has created some amazing work in his time, from movie posters to logos. Even if you know nothing of design, I guarantee you have seen something, probably in the past twenty four hours, that was created

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I started to teach my first class at the Visual Art Center! The three students in my class are anxious to learn and excited about trading prints with each other. Here are some of their projects! Geoffrey Chaucer – Old English Quote A Very ridiculous lock up! Helvetica Font Specimen Milk. Parks & Recreation Quote.

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A good friend I met through letterpress here in Richmond bought me tickets to see The Head and the Heart for my birthday. The show was amazing. It was outdoors on a beautiful Friday night, in the middle of the city. A train passed by towards the end of the show on nearby tracks blaring


My friend Brad begged me for ages to do this Thomas Jefferson quote for him.  I finally got around to it! I made a few slightly different versions with varying drop caps before deciding on the final. It now hangs in his home & I have several other copies to sell myself on etsy! Because I took


Kikkoman made this lovely video about their company’s history, beliefs and traditions. If you haven’t ever seen it, I suggest watching it for inspiration. It is called The Kikkoman Creed and I say it is well worth watching.  I doodled this little text while watching…I love the idea behind acting quickly but not carelessly.


My friend Laura always loved this quote…