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My first calligraphy class was last August! In the past year I have had 14 classes students each (and I have a final one in November). So by the end of 2018 I will have taught over 150 people. This blows my mind. The biggest change in the past year has been the room itself.


Recently in Richmond, a new workspace opened up called We the Broad. If you live anywhere in the city you should totally check it out. I am so thankful they reached out to have me teach a calligraphy workshop with them because the group that came through was so much fun! Not to mention the

Letterpress student work: Winter 2018 | offthebeatenpress.com

The past two sessions of my letterpress class have gone so well. I have had a really great group of students and some repeats that have made it a ton of fun. Each class is reenergizing for me and keeps me pushing myself creatively. This first shot is is of some canvas bags that one of

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Every year I teach a holiday card workshop. It’s one of my favorite classes because we have a huge variety of Christmas themed vintage cuts at the studio and I get to pull them out to play with. I also tend to hold the workshop on marathon day, so when we are working inside nice


Wow. This past session’s students rocked my world. Every week these guys came in and had their type set up and were ready to rock. Normally, I get a variety of students – some with one little goal, some who just want a night off and some who are ON A MISSION to learn. In

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When the art center where I teach letterpress came to me asking to teach a modern calligraphy class, I was incredibly hesitant. Frankly, I still feel like I am learning a ton about calligraphy and was worried about teaching a bunch of people. I had so many fears – “What if they asked me something

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I just wrapped up my last class for the year yesterday. A lot of the classes that I wanted to teach this fall didn’t get enough enrollment, but the ones I had in the summer and winter went very well. I had repeats and newbies and plenty of interesting projects. The end of this year brought

Student Work 2015 | offthebeatenpress.com

This spring I taught a few classes. My first six weeks went really well. I even had a few repeat students this time around. I don’t know if most of you can tell, but there are a few mistakes in this lock up on the right.It was the first exquisite corpse of the year that we

Letterpress student work: Summer 2014 | offthebeatenpress.com

Another class, another amazing group of creative people! One of my students has a radio station called “birds do it.” She made this coster on chipboard to advertise. We had a Shakespeare quote and played with some linocuts that are laying around the studio. And the birds made an appearance on this poem…

Letterpress student work: Spring 2014 | offthebeatenpress.com

New Students means a whole new batch of work. I just finished up teaching another letterpress class and tried to be a lot more diligent about taking pictures this time around. The second night of class we popped out some amazing stuff. And this group seemed to like the green that I so favor, so