Student Work 2015 |

This spring I taught a few classes. My first six weeks went really well. I even had a few repeat students this time around. I don’t know if most of you can tell, but there are a few mistakes in this lock up on the right.It was the first exquisite corpse of the year that we

Letterpress student work: Summer 2014 |

Another class, another amazing group of creative people! One of my students has a radio station called “birds do it.” She made this coster on chipboard to advertise. We had a Shakespeare quote and played with some linocuts that are laying around the studio. And the birds made an appearance on this poem…

Letterpress student work: Spring 2014 |

New Students means a whole new batch of work. I just finished up teaching another letterpress class and tried to be a lot more diligent about taking pictures this time around. The second night of class we popped out some amazing stuff. And this group seemed to like the green that I so favor, so

Letterpress student work: Foxfield Coaster |

One of my students in my letterpress class made a set of coster to take to Foxfield with her. As I also attended the event, I wanted to highlight her work! She made three, paying tribute to Virginia, UVA and the ‘playful’ character of the event attendees.

Letterpress student First Friday: xoxo |

Last night was First Friday and I got to teach a Letterpress Sampler Class at the Visual Art Center. Since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, we made some small 4-Bar “xoxo” cards. I also got to show them the exquisite corpse game, so they got to take home two projects in the short

Letterpress student work: Exquisite Corpse |

I first played Exquisite Corpse as a kid. There are several variations of the “game” which started with Surrealists in the early 1900s. You can easily play the drawing method by folding up a piece of paper. You can also create sentence as long as they maintain the following structure : “The adjective noun adverb

Letterpress student work: Winter 2013 |

Another section of letterpress ended tonight! Here is some more student work from the last session!

Letterpress student work: my first class |

I started to teach my first class at the Visual Art Center! The three students in my class are anxious to learn and excited about trading prints with each other. Here are some of their projects! Geoffrey Chaucer – Old English Quote A Very ridiculous lock up! Helvetica Font Specimen Milk. Parks & Recreation Quote.