Canada 2016 |

The second week we were in Canada, we went to Prince Edward Island. When we crossed over, our first stop was for lunch and Cow’s Ice cream! I just love Cows. It’s such the touristy place to go, but to me its represents years of gifts from my grandmother and saving my money while on vacation

Canada 2016 |

I grew up going to Canada in the summers with my family. It’s part of why I love summer as much as I do. We got to escape the Virginia heat to head to the beautiful Eastern shore of New Brunswick. The town we live in is called Alma, and it is right next to

Travel: Chicago |

Last year for my birthday, I went to Portland & Seattle. This year’s trip was Chicago. It was my first time there and I just loved the city. The weekend was predicted to have terrible weather, but everyday when we awoke, the skies just cleared right up. We left the airport in DC after work

travel: xcaret mexico |

We went to mexico! My boyfriend’s present to me was a surprise trip to Mexico with his roomates. It was so much fun. I have visited the country before on a mission trip, but never been to a coastal beach. We left the freezing cold December weather for some sun. Crazy story, my friend Melissa

travel: new york city |

My friend from college got married over the weekend in New Jersey! A group of us from Virginia drove up and got a hotel the night before attending at the Brownstone. Her wedding was beautiful and a blast. The colors she had for the flowers and bridesmaid dresses just popped! Here are some of us

Travel: Bear Creek Lake State Park

Over the Labor Day weekend, I went to Bear Creek Lake State Park with some friends. We planned out food and headed there late on Friday night. I couldn’t tell exactly where we were since it was pitch black when we arrived, but by morning I realized just what a paradise we were in! We

travel: river house |

Over the weekend I went to my friends River House in Dunnsville, VA. It was a beautiful home. She opened it up to a bunch of friends from different circles. It was nice to see so many new people so pleasant and enjoying the summer. What made it so unique was being able to go out

Seattle & Portland 2015 |

It was just a few short months ago that I visited Seattle to see my friend Katie get married and stop through Portland with my family. That trip left me with a desire to spend more time on the Northwest Coast. So for our birthdays, my boyfriend and I packed up and headed back out

travel: cherry blossoms |

Even though I am from DC, I haven’t been to see the Cherry Blossoms in years! There was a concert in DC over the weekend and when I realized it fell over the festival week, I jumped on the opportunity to go see the beautiful flowers that line the tidal basin. I got up on

disney family cruise 2015 |

My dad’s side of the family is pretty big. He is one of eight and our family gatherings are huge around the holidays. I love being able to walk around a house filled with people I love enjoying each other’s company. My Aunt JoEllen’s birthday this year was a slightly different trip than the usual