“& taking the hand of the child, he said to her, ‘Talitha koum’, which translates as, ‘Little girl, I say to you, get up.'” Mark 5:41

My good friend, Laura Morgan, and her family, were in a car accident in December of 2012. Though they have insurance, there were many extraneous expenses that still have to be covered. To help my friend, I made this letterpress poster. I used a phrase from one of her favorite verses, one that she has engraved on a necklace, and her favorite color, green, to inspire me. I just put it online for sale!

Buy Here

The proceeds go to Laura and her family, so spread the word!

To read more about Laura & how she is doing, see her family’s updates atCaringBridge

Also – I don’t have Facebook! So spread the word by posting a link for Laura on Facebook, Twitter, or anywhere:https://www.etsy.com/listing/121421538/talitha-koum-letterpress-print-for-laura

Here are some images of the process!

>I hand lettered the text, scanned it & worked on it in illustrator to get it right!

Then I got it made into a letterpress cut! Here it is locked in the chase & ready to print.

Printing has begun. Lovely teal ink to go on green paper!

My good friend Paul let me use the Platen Press because it is faster than my little one. He took a go at the press so I could snag a few pics of the machine while it was running. Below, in image one, you can see him placing the blank paper. Then, in images two through four, you can see the press coming together to impress the cut into the green paper.  In five you can see it opening up again revealing the final product that Paul is removing from the press in image six!

Here is the final result! You can get your own for $15.00 over at Etsy! Remember the money goes to Laura! Size is 8×8 inches which fits in most standard square frames!


I made a few on some white paper for fun. If you like these, contact me & I can see if I have any still available! Thanks for looking!