the trailer: before |

Just over a year ago, I got this idea to get an old trailer and turn it into an art studio. I was tired of having to look for a house with an extra room just to keep my art supplies & work in. I also knew I didn’t want to pay rent anywhere to have an actual studio space.

Plenty of people have been finding old trailers and revamping them. There is also an amazing thing called the Tiny House Movement where people build and live in smaller spaces. All of this buzz around the internet inspired me to search for my own space.

While looking for a trailer, I found there were a lot of scams out there – a lot. There were also a lot of overpriced vehicles. One of the first ones I found on ebay was actually a dream trailer, but it was two weeks into looking, and I really didn’t want to settle that early on. I originally wanted an airstream, but the only ones I could afford were larger ones I couldn’t store. So that was a bust.

the trailer: before |

A few weeks ago, right here in Richmond, I came across this trailer! The posting (which was titled “Nice Travel Camper for Cheap”) looked great, but seeing it in person convinced me to get it. It certainly needed work, but for the price, I knew it was probably right. So these are the before pictures! I still need a name for this little guy. Hopefully one will pop into my head soon!

The inside. The back was just redone, but these pictures do a great job of hiding some of the damage that exists.

The bathroom is in pretty bad shape. I don’t have any idea the last time it was used. The couple that owned it before me never bothered to get the water working, so it was just used as storage. And let me tell you, I am not a fan of the curtains.

I have a lot of research so far and learned a lot about the travel trailer world. I know now that I haven’t even scratched the surface. I am hoping to learn a lot of useful techniques for the future as I rip apart this little trailer!