I had a few friends stay with me over the weekend. It was lovely to have company. When I first moved into my house, I typed up the wifi password on my typewriter and left it on display for people to use when they came over. I host small group at my house once a week so it was nice to have it easily accessible.

wifipassword | ilovenataliekay

My wifi name and password combination used to be my website name. You clicked “ilove” and filled in “nataliekay” as the password. It was quirky and fun to see my friends recognize it from my small business.

wifi password | ilovenataliekay

Some switching around and a few power outages later – I changed the password to be my cell number. I really think it is nice to keep your wifi password easy to type in for friends and guests visiting. Using my cell is also a great way to never forget what it is.

To make this little sign, I found some old cardboard and used a sharpie to illustrate little geometric triangles that match the himmeli wreaths in my living room. Though I love all the ‘handlettering’ trends over the internet, I have opted not to duplicate but rather embrace my own handwriting as it is. Once I was happy with the sign, I got a cheap frame from Target and posted it for everyone to log on!