morven park barn |

The past few weeks have been incredibly stressful. Between my car getting broken into (again) and buying a house, I started losing it. I needed to take some time away, which is exactly what I did over the weekend.

I started in Charlottesville. I snagged some of my favorite dumplings, took a stroll, & grabbed dessert with a friend at the Whiskey Jar amidst an epic storm before making my way to Northern Virginia.

charlottesville walk

The next morning after walking my dog, my mom and I went to Leesburg to explore Morven Park. They had very specific road signs about how fast you were allowed to drive through the property.

walk with kosmo

It was a beautiful day for hiking & taking pictures. The Davis Mansion and an old barn were two of the highlights the park had to offer. I would love to attend an equestrian event some time.

morven park barn

morven park mansion

The other highlight was a tribe of goats. They heard us walking through the woods and began to follow us along their fence. When we came to the end of their roaming area, they took up eating out of buckets. One of them planted himself firmly on a tractor and just stared in the distance.

morven park goat

After Morven Park, my mom and I grabbed lunch at Shoe’s Cup and Cork. Neither of us had eaten there before so we split two sandwiches to try more. The atmosphere was perfect for the afternoon and I will certainly be returning.

shoes restraunt

I left my family’s home and traveled into Arlington to see other friends. I relaxed at a pool, did some shopping, went to a bar to see my old college roomate, and explored a friends new place. I loved tuning out for 48 hours, and even though the weekend was FULL of activities, it was perfect after all the stress in Richmond!