Canada 2016 |
Canada 2016 |

The second week we were in Canada, we went to Prince Edward Island. When we crossed over, our first stop was for lunch and Cow’s Ice cream! I just love Cows. It’s such the touristy place to go, but to me its represents years of gifts from my grandmother and saving my money while on vacation for as many cones as I could buy.


We then went to the dunes gallery to wander the gardens, look at interesting artwork and snag a cocktail.


This place is beautiful. The layout of the building aids wanderers.


There are so many windows in the building and the architecture is interesting.


There weren’t a lot of people around so it was nice to have time to explore the grounds.



After we drove to North Rustico Harbor. They’ve added some nice boardwalks so you can stroll and enjoy.


Resting and stretching our legs after the drive.



Little lighthouse.


We drove up to Cavendish beach to see the red sand.

That little stream to the ocean is FREEZING cold. I don’t know how it wasn’t frozen already.


The colors here are my favorite. The sand is so warm and red. When the sun sets it’s like rubies.



We went to the Boardwalk at Cavendish to have dinner.



We had a hot dog & a beaver tail! These are just fried thin pieces of dough coated with cinnamon sugar and lemon! Yum. We make them at home using pizza dough!


Our little AirBnB was perfect. It looked out at the water and was quiet and quaint. Just what I needed.


That night we went to the drive in movie theater down the road!


I hadn’t been to one in ages and my boyfriend hadn’t been to one ever. It was so cheap and there was a double header PLUS free drinks.


Classic coke. My jam. I felt like the whole trip we kept running into Pepsi and I was bummed. The movie was cute and it was such a fun experience to hangout and chat about what we were watching. I wore my pjs and slippers too!


The next morning we got breakfast in Avonlea village.


And then we went to Green Gables! I hadn’t visited in ages so it was a treat to go. We walked through the house and around the grounds. And look who photo bombed my pic! I was taking a pano and then, bam! There she was.


We spent the afternoon in the sun at Cavendish.


I took a long walk down towards the red red rocks.



The rocks are soft and crack in interesting patterns. And I just love texture.


We hit PEI with PERFECT weather for beach days. After a week in the rain, the sun was welcome on my skin.




I had to set up this photo by resting my camera on a log. But, it turned out pretty well!


Leaving the beach.


We then went to Sandspit, a tiny amusement park I spent time at as a kid.


Surprisingly, the park had plenty for us to do as adults!


Including our favorite part of the day, BUMPER BOATS!


These don’t look like much, because they aren’t, but they are way too much fun. Basically someone attached a lawn mower to a inflatable tube and threw it in water. We had a blast and battled little kids. It was so much fun!


This is the Covehead lighthouse where we walked after the amusement park.


The beach here is empty. There was really rough waves on this part of the island.



The next morning we went to Brackley Beach to read and saw some foxes!


And then we went back to North Rustico to have lunch. This was the first Lobster roll of the trip that I really liked! Their chowder was also to die for.


I promised some friends I’d take a picture in a field!


All the potatoes.


We went into the capital to trie some beers at Gahan and brought some back with us to the mainland.



We had dinner in Moncton and tried our second brewery of the day!


When we got back to Alma, we had another clear day. This is the view from the front porch of my house.

Canada 2016 |

We drove around exploring.

Canada 2016 |

And went to the Point Wolf covered bridge.

Canada 2016 |

Canada 2016 |

Point Wolfe was crucial in the timber shipping that happened in Alma a long time ago.

Canada 2016 |

They would float logs down to large ships waiting out in the bay.

Canada 2016 |

In these photos you can see the leftover bits of the sawmill that was once here.

Canada 2016 |
Canada 2016 |

We hike around the area for the day. It was quite beautiful. You can hear the wind whippingand the trees creaking because it’s so quiet.

Canada 2016 |

We visited the Hopewell rocks. I had never been before in all the years I’ve gone to New Brunswick.

Canada 2016 |

These things are massive. And the day we visited was super windy, so the sand was PELTING us.

Canada 2016 |

It helped to hide behind rocks, but every so often you ended up in a wind tunnel.

Canada 2016 |

All the locals come here on school field trips. Everyone else are tourists from far way. You walk on the ocean floor and it can get a little muddy.

Canada 2016 |

Canada 2016 |

They do kayaking trips here when the tide is high.

Canada 2016 |

My cousins have an old photo of themselves in this tunnel to the right. I took it to show my grandmother.

Canada 2016 |

We went to dinner with my uncle that night. He is the current owner of our family home up there and I am so grateful he has kept it. This place is really dear to me.

Canada 2016 |

We went for cookies for dessert with him after dinner too!

Canada 2016 |

I saw the sky looked beautiful so i ran down to the ocean by the local pool and crawled on the rocks to get his photo.

Canada 2016 |

It was a gorgeous night and the tide was crashing in. This is also the spot where, the next day, we unloaded the kayaks from the water.

Canada 2016 |

We went kayaking and it started REALLY foggy. Everyone had to stick really close together. Right when we got into the bay, one guy was tossed overboard! He was fine, but very wet the rest of the trip.


We paddled all the way to Herring Cove and had a snack. While eating, the sky finally started to clear.


We headed back through the VERY choppy water to Alma.


I took my boyfriend to a park I played in as a kid. There were a lot of new additions to explore.

Canada 2016 |

Here is how I remember it. I got hurt inside that little hexagon pyramid when I was little once.

Canada 2016 |

And we used this little squirrel hut as BASE during all tag games.

Canada 2016 |

The fog was rolling out as we drove home for lunch.

Canada 2016 |

And then we went to spend some time at Bennet lake.Canada 2016 |

Here we met my childhood friend Darian. She and I have known each other since we were born. She brought these photos of us as kids.

Canada 2016 |

And here we are as adults, and she has a little boy of her own now! Time flies.

Canada 2016 |

We tried helping him catch “frogs” – which were really giant tadpoles. Canada 2016 |

This lake is so beautiful. The water is clear and crisp.

Canada 2016 |

Canada 2016 |

All over the park are these little red chairs. We went up to a new view of the bay to sit. It ended up being a great time to take a photo to show just how thick the fog gets and how it sits inside the bay.

Canada 2016 |

On the last night, we went to the German Restaurant. This place is amazing. It has been there for years and I haven’t visited Alma once without driving an hour towards Sussex to go.

Canada 2016 |

All the meats are raised here and all the vegetables are grown here. It is one heck of a meal and I am still dreaming about it.

Canada 2016 |

Here are some details from the house. My grandfather’s name is still there. Silly light switches.

Canada 2016 |

The room I slept in has all these little peanuts characters and my grandmother taped up all these photos from Gone with the Wind. They haven’t moved in years.

Canada 2016 |

There are lighthouses all over the inside of the house but this is a cute little on that lights up outside in the lawn.

Canada 2016 |

My favorite thing to show people about Alma is the tides. They go in and out so much. Here is the same bridge and spot two different days.

Canada 2016 |

The water is nice and low and the boats sit on boxes on the ocean floor, and then they rise up as the tide comes in.

Canada 2016 |

This a beautiful site to see. Really all of New Brunswick is gorgeous. I cannot wait to visit again and I hope one day I can bring children here. I grew up in the salt and the fir and wouldn’t have it any other way.