It is quite strange when you can walk around in a skirt & tshirt in january. Last week we went for a walk along the pipe line. The water was so high that I couldn’t see the beaches that I tend to tan on in the summer. Still, it was a glorious day. After the pipeline we walked out on a bridge to the middle of the James (second picture).

Friday Night, as per usual, I spent in the studio. We had had a party at work full of pizza & games and got the opportunity to leave early. Taking the extra time I had I went and printed 50 “You Are My Sunshine” Booklets – currently in the works. It was a first friday so we had several people come into the Type Room to learn about letterpress. Rosemary, who generally leads friday open studio, and I got to teach & make some simple BE MINE Valentine’s Cards. We set wood type and printed Maroon on grey paper making 5x5inch cards.

On Saturday I got my hair cut! FINALLY! It had been previously driving me crazy. I got it done at Black Bird Salon. The girl who did it, Jessica Simpson, was wonderful. She was quick and fun! Though immediately after I felt like a giant poof ball because the front was a little bit – hmm higher? than I would style it myself. After a few hours and some self brushings it had settled:

Screenprinting Update : Still having some issues with the exposure unit. *harumpf* However, I have been working around the issues. The pink image is my screen fully exposed and being rinsed out in my shower! I printed three colors of the Octopus this past weekend and and pretty happy with the result thus far. I have yet to decide how many more layers to print on this little guy…