Wine Cork Monogram |

It was only fitting that after I completed my Wine Type Letterpress Print that I finish up making my initial out of wine corks. I have been saving corks for a long time – since my twenty first birthday in fact – to use to make a cork board. I had gathered what I thought was enough different corks for a few projects, but realized that as my wine taste developed, I was sticking to drinking the same kinds I enjoyed again and agian. Therefore had multiple of the same corks and not as wide a variety.  I found the letter N on sale at Michael’s for two bucks and decided to see if I had enough different corks to make one single letter. It worked out rather perfect! I cut the corks with a box cutter & a bread knife – only nicking my own finger once. I will be using the other half of the cut corks for some coasters or a trivet in the next few weeks! Its nice now because I remember drinking a lot of these specific wines with friends & family so its a great memory piece that is hanging in my kitchen!