When I was in college a good friend of mine wrote me a beautiful poem when I was going through a challenging time. It was both moving and encouraging. Last summer, when I was equally going through a rough patch, I reread the poem. It built me up again, just as it did when I

I made it back north! Every few years I try to head up to New Brunswick, Canada to explore the tides, visit Prince Edward Island and hike in Fundy National Park. This time was really special to me because I hadn't been with my little brother since I was 16. Our family also got to

I love working on custom letterpress prints. Every once in awhile though when someone requests to work with me, they really GET the process. When that happens, I know I am in for a good project. This client wanted to print "Walk through fear" for her boyfriend's birthday. She mentioned liking some of my other

One of my old letterpress students has fallen in love with the craft as much as I have and begun teaching at the art center where she first learned. Her class is called experimental letterpress where she is testing different methods and being totally creative. To help her out with some class samples she asked

Instead of doing one long class in the Spring, I have two back to back four week sessions. The art center where I teach changed things up a bit so I am trying this out to fill my time. I also had a one day workshop where my students got my totally undivided attention.