This new watercolor artwork was inspired by all the colors around Virginia. 30 small watercolor swatches named for local foods, places and sites make this an excellent way to remember a lovely state. Whenever I travel, I am always amazed at the surrounding beauty and the colors found in each place. To remind myself was a

Summer felt like the longest season so far this year, but my letterpress classes felt short. I had two different batches of students over the last 10 weeks who were all exceptional. I'm probably biased, but I think the people that come through my class are some of the best that Richmond has to offer.

When my brother got engaged last December, I knew I was going to make his wedding invitations. I spent months thinking about the style and dreaming of options. I painted a portrait of the moment they got engaged as an engagement present. And then I secretly planned their invites in my head. Normally, I do

When I was in college a good friend of mine wrote me a beautiful poem when I was going through a challenging time. It was both moving and encouraging. Last summer, when I was equally going through a rough patch, I reread the poem. It built me up again, just as it did when I

I made it back north! Every few years I try to head up to New Brunswick, Canada to explore the tides, visit Prince Edward Island and hike in Fundy National Park. This time was really special to me because I hadn't been with my little brother since I was 16. Our family also got to