Letterpress: Walk through fear | Off the Beaten Press

Every once in awhile though when someone requests a letterpress print they really GET the process. When that happens, I know I am in for a good project. This client wanted to print “Walk through fear” for her boyfriend’s birthday. She mentioned liking some of my other prints so I went with what I knew

Letterpress: Legos | offthebeatenpress.com

One of my old letterpress students has fallen in love with the craft as much as I have and begun teaching at the art center where she first learned. Her class is called experimental letterpress where she is testing different methods and being totally creative. To help her out with some class samples she asked

Student Work: Spring 2019

Instead of doing one long class in the Spring, I have two back to back four week sessions. The art center where I teach changed things up a bit so I am trying this out to fill my time. I also had a one day workshop where my students got my totally undivided attention. First

Journal: My 30th Year | Off the Beaten Press

I’ve been creating visual journals since high school, but I rarely share what I make in them. I love creating layers, playing with watercolors, acrylic paints, mixing media and documenting life. This past year I tried something new. I’ve slowed down in recent years because my journals are normally gigantic. For my 30th birthday last

Save the Date: Watercolor Venue Postcard | Off the Beaten Press

This Save the Date was such a joy to work on. It combined so many of my favorite things. A friend of mine is a wedding planner in Northern Virginia, and one of her brides was looking to highlight their venue for their Save the Date. She thought of my house illustrations and put us

Letterpress: All Circles | offthebeatenrpress.com

I’ve seen people set type in unique ways before, so I knew I wanted to give it a go for myself. Setting type in a circle was incredibly challenging. I did some math to make sure the phrase I was setting would fit but even with the advanced planning, it took a lot of work.

Quote Round Up: April 2019 | offthebeatenpress.com

April is nice and B R I G H T ! I work on these in advanced so its fun when the month comes around and I get to post them and see them as a set. I started these to bring myself some encouragement and they really do that every month over. Follow along

30 Days of Bible Lettering: Round 7

This is round seven of 30 Days of Bible Lettering! For me though, it’s only round three. It’s hard to keep up with completing one verse a day for sure but I kinda found my groove on this last one. You can find round 3 here which was the first time I completed the challenge.

Travel: South Africa | offthebeatenpress.com

I was so excited to check a new continent off my travel list. This was my first time to Africa, but certainly not my last. I couldn’t decide to start in South Africa or Morocco, but then cheap flights and a call from a good friend picked for me. Started the trip in Cape Town.

Quote Round Up: March 2019 | offthebeatenpress.com

March might be my favorite so far, since I got to use greenery. Last month, I opted for pinks and I was surprised by how much I liked it, but green is where my heart is. Follow along with hashtag #otbp19 on Instagram to see them all.